Hans Jonas - Science as a personal experience

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Three speeches. Full text reading by Axel Grube.
Playing time: 177 min.
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“We are heirs to what we are, and in discovering the past, hidden self-discoveries are made. And this is now a subjectivizing one, the personal interferes and with it the time-boundness, the own historicity of the interpreting subject. That also means that his point of view can never have the last word, just as it was usually not the first. ' (Hans Jonas) 'It may seem paradoxical that the philosopher has conceded the possibility of faith more than the theologian, overwhelmed by the prestige of science. It is less strange when one considers that the philosopher is professionally aware of the limits of knowledge, because he always comes up against them and is therefore perhaps more immune to the pressure of what is supported by the powerful reputation of science, but is himself one Faith is. "(Hans Jonas)

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