How humanity is one

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Published by the impulse group “one human family”;

The Catholic Doctrine "Humani generis unitas" for the third millennium

This impulse text treats the unity of the human family as "Catholic dogma" for the third millennium and as a solemn message for the entire inhabited world. In 1938 Pius XI planned an encyclical Humani generis unitas (The unity of the human race), which was never published. On his deathbed, this pope testified to the belief that there is but one great and all-encompassing human family. Even the Bible and the early Church oppose globalization under the auspices of “mammon – power – military violence” with the globalization of empathy and brotherhood. The chasms of history and the failures of Christianity have faded that vision. The testimony of the togetherness of all human beings must move into the center in an unprecedented new way. Today, solidarity with refugees and all victims of an aggressive economic order is a core issue of Christian identity. The generations that have not yet been born, whose livelihoods are being destroyed by our civilization, also belong in the circle of one humanity.

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