Sören Kierkegaard - Works of Love

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Excerpts, compiled and read by Axel Grube.
Playing time: 60 min.
ISBN: 978-3-939511-31-1
Audio samples

 Audio sample: 02 prayer
 Audio sample: 03 I. The hidden life of love and its recognizability in the fruits
 Audio sample: 04 II. A. You should love
 Audio sample: 05 II. B. You should love the next one
 Audio sample: 06 II. C. You Solst Love Your Neighbor

Theodor W. Adorno criticizes the “Christian speeches” of Sören Kierkegaard in “Works of Love” as 'rigorism of love', as arrogance that turns into inhumanity. In contrast to his earlier philosophical writings, Kierkegaard published this book under his own name. In a rare combination of simple language and moving philosophical thinking, Kierkegaard takes up the ideas of the Sermon on the Field and the Sermon on the Mount and continues to implement them with great consistency. So it is hardly surprising that this text by the great Dane is not only barely heard, but still seems likely to cause 'annoyance'. With the title 'Works of Love', the audio book follows the groundbreaking selection translation by Rainer Wimmer.

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