Heinz Czechowski - Healed of All Miracles

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Poetry book with author reading on CD-A.
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ISBN 978-3-939511-01-4 | Book with author reading on CD-A

Heinz Czechowski's poems, these bitter almonds! It is no coincidence that it was once affectionately called 'DDR-Trakl'. Every verse, every band plays with the possibility of being his last. Every word tries to carve him, the poet, even more deeply into German poetry, to connect it with its fate. Times, places, people are his constant interlocutors. And when Gottfried Benn says: 'But the great poet is a great realist, very close to all realities? he is loaded with realities, he is very earthly, a cicada, according to the legend, born out of the earth, the Athenian insect, 'then this applies particularly to Czechowski. It is not without reason that he distrusts the bolted, ungrounded metaphor. His pictures always have hard ground under their feet. But it would be a delusion to see it as just a form of naturalism. Czechowski does not depict reality. The historical, biographical and literary are his material. The documentation camouflage. Behind it, however, the old myth unfolds: of the abandoned 'on the mountains of the heart', of the 'lonely under the starry sky', of the 'poet in needy time'. (Alexander Nitzberg)

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