Felix Philipp Ingold - Stone Harvest

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Poetry book with author reading on CD-A

ISBN 978-3-939511-68-7, volume of poetry with reading by the author on CD-A

Felix Philipp Ingold works - after many years of teaching and research - as a writer, journalist and translator in Zurich and Romain-môtier; for his literary efforts he received the Petrarca Prize for Translation, the Ernst Jandl Prize for Poetry, the Great Bern Literature Prize, the Manuscript Prize, the Erlanger Prize for Poetry as Translation. His most recent publications include the volumes “Tagesform” (poems, 2007), “Gegengabe” (prose and poetry, 2009), “Fascination of the foreign” (essay, 2009), “Apropollinaire” (poems and commentaries, together with Stanley Chapman , 2008). Theo Leuthold took care of the typographical staging of the texts in the black squares in collaboration with Felix Philipp Ingold; the font used is the Avenir by Adrian Frutiger. Leuthold works as a typographic designer and lecturer for typography in Zurich.

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