Socrates. Understand

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An audio book by Axel Grube
Playing time 78 min.
Speaker: Axel Grube

Audio samples

 Audio sample: 01 - Plato's report
 Audio sample: 02 - Start to think
 Audio sample: 03 - The taste of skepticism
 Audio sample: 04 - I know that I don't know
 Audio sample: 05 - The Socratic method

'I know that I don't know' The famous paradox of Socrates stands for a turning point in the human spirit. Thinking - in the still young Greek natural philosophy in speculative fantasy directed towards external being and nature - turns to the individual human being and the question of virtue and the possibility of knowledge. The paradox for him is the background to the encouragement and the risk of knowing thought as a remembering and uncovering of an actually existing and previously good, echoing in a 'daimon', the 'conscience' of an 'inner truth' to be touched.

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