Schäfer, Christian: The Demon of Philosophy

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A reading accompaniment to understanding Plato's Symposium

In the series: kepos library, with download code in the book to receive the full text reading of the Plato Dialogue. Narrator: Axel Grube

This guide to reading and interpreting the Symposium gives a step-by-step explanation of the structure and inner development of Plato's magnificent account of a drinking bout, in the course of which some of Athens' leading figures give speeches on Eros. With numerous documentary references, which, based on the reading text as well as on the audio book version of the symposium from the onomato publishing house, help to understand the arguments and theses of Plato's dialogue figures, a picture of Plato's depiction of Eros as a philosophical demon emerges - and thus from Plato's conception of what philosophy is and can achieve.

Book with full text reading of Plato's Symposium
Based on the translation of Ute Schmidt-Berger, Das Trinkgelage
MP3 audio (download code in book)
Speaker - Axel Grube

Personal information: Christian Schäfer is a professor of philosophy at the University of Bamberg. He works on topics of ancient and medieval philosophy. One of his focal points is dealing with Plato and the Platonic tradition.

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