Russian fairy tales

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1 CD-A, playing time 78 min.
Speaker: Axel Grube,
With the fairy tales: The clever girl, Tsarevna frog, The promised children, Father Frost, Baba Jaga, Finist the falcon, From St. Nicholas

Audio samples

 Audio sample: Father Frost
 Audio sample: The promised children
 Audio sample: Baba-Jaga
 Audio sample: Finist the falcon
 Audio sample: Tsarevna Frog

The witch Baba Jaga, Father Frost, St. Nicholas and many other characters who have shaped the Russian fairy tale world for centuries appear in them and give it their special character. This audio book offers a selection of the most beautiful Russian fairy tales.

"In the fairy tales we can get to know the life of the people, their home, their moral concepts and that mischievous Russian joke that is so prone to irony and whose mischievousness is too kind-hearted simplicity." (WG Belinski)

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