Rainer Maria Rilke. A biographical anthology

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The "... great instructions for use from God ...". Excerpts from the letters and the work, compiled and commented on by Axel Grube.
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“Why have we been made homeless instead of the festival of our jurisdiction being transferred there? Well, I want to admit it shouldn't belong to us who are unable to take responsibility for and manage such inexhaustible bliss. But why do we not belong to God from this point of view? «In the question of, for example, the religious integration of the sexes, which paradoxically gained a reciprocal meaning even after the so-called 'sexual revolution', Rilke's spiritual references to groups of the heretical become Tradition, to Gnostic patterns, indeed to the millennia-old suppressed, but always subliminally virulent tradition of the 'free spirit' clearly. What Rilke has in common with other 'open sources' of this spiritual movement, such as Nietzsche, Heine, Kierkegaard and Holderlin, is trust in people, without which the courage to be honest, to believe in undisguised faith would never be possible. This audio book tries to suggest Rilke's existential-philosophical understanding of life in close connection with images of his life.

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