Rainer Maria Rilke - poems and prose

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Compiled and read by Axel Grube.
1 CD-A in a handmade jewelry box
Playing time: 74 min / speaker - Axel Grube
ISBN 978-3-933691-26-2
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'Rilke knew how to deal with rhyme like only a few poets in the history of literature; he has won unimagined sounds and melodies from language. In many of his verses he was able to express what seemed unspeakable: his poetry is a triumph over the unspeakable. In this way Rilke succeeded in opening up areas of German poetry that no one knew existed. ' (Marcel Reich Ranicki) Rilke's 'Triumph over the Unsayable' as a speaker, as a reciter, should be attempted with this audio book. It's about nothing less than repetition, but possibly also about further shaping the 'unexpected sounds and melodies' with the means of the spoken word. Because, according to Friedrich Nietzsche, what is intelligible about language is not the word itself, but the tone, strength, modulation, tempo with which a number of words are spoken, in short, the music behind the words, the passion behind this music, the person behind this passion: everything that cannot be written. '

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