Ulrike Kessl - swapping rooms

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Afterword by Döser, Johannes; Afterword by Kessl, Fabian; Afterword by Sturm, Hendrik, 36 pages, softcover

The idea for the publication "Ulrike Kessl tauschen" was born on the occasion of the Düsseldorf artist's residency at Heinrich Böll Cottage in Ireland in May 2013. Ulrike Kessl visualizes her subject, the temporary change in work and living spaces, in 12 pairs of images. You can see the interiors of her studio in Düsseldorf, which the artist placed as photos in the rooms of the Böll Cottage. The resulting recordings were combined with photos of the rugged, beautiful landscape of Achill Island. Heinrich Böll, who lived and worked here from the mid-XNUMXs to the XNUMXs, was already fascinated by the terrain. Further double pages show, among other things, photos of algae on the beach of Achill Island, which Ulrike Kessl contrasts with a balloon object that shows similarities in color and form to the algae. All the multi-layered references that arise when looking at the pairs of images have been taken further by five authors in their accompanying texts. With the refreshingly divergent perspectives of their professions, they change the way things are viewed again.

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