Achim Raven - babbling goes to school

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Interim remarks on school and language, softcover 256 pages
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Popular in teachers' rooms: the cozy horror that so many children and young people in high school can neither write correctly nor express themselves appropriately. It rarely occurs to anyone that students write and speak the way they are taught in a place where knowledge, self-direction, and benchmarking are top priorities. After forty years at the grammar school, the author sums it up: Firstly, pedagogical scope for design is bureaucratically regulated and exhausted in implementation modalities. Second, obstinacy and the long-forgotten docta ignorantia could at least unleash minor counterforces. There is no question that such a summary requires critical reflection. This interim remark is neither well-meaning advice from someone who has grown honorable, nor the reckoning of a grumpy old man who has always felt misunderstood. Rather, she traces the chattering mode of school activities. Based on his school experiences since he entered grammar school as an education reserve in 1962, he reflects on the technical understanding of language in teaching and administration as well as its failure due to the ambivalences of real language that create meaning. Educational ideals and everyday life are examined. Objects of more detailed consideration are terms such as power, comparison or middle of society in the school context. It is inevitable that economic connections will also be discussed. The interim remark follows the principle of the meander. If the author sometimes jumps from the stick to the stick, this is not an expression of a lack of stringency, but on purpose. Often enough, a strictly methodical approach arises from the desire to ignore connections. If you are looking for practical tips, you should refrain from buying the book.

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