Peter Ewig: PLONGEE

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The first more comprehensive monograph on Peter Ewig's work documents the interplay of video, performance, sculpture and drawing from 2012–2017, with reference points and cross-references to previous works and Ewig's photographic work.

PLONGÉE, French for dive, is also a cinematic term for a bird's eye view. The catalog title implies Pole, the catalog opens the field in which Peter Ewig's work moves.

The performance Mind Bridge (2015) links a telepathic connection between two people with the museums in which they are located (Zagreb and Düsseldorf).
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb becomes the transmitter and the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf the receiver.

With a text by the media philosopher Timotheus Vermeulen


Peter Ewig, it seems to me, is interested in faces. The faces of people. But also the faces of things. [...]

A face is a side. It's a surface. It's a modality of engagement - a positioning, a directionality, a mode of communication.

But a face is also a coincidence, an accidentality

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