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Poetry book with author reading on CD-A
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ISBN 978-3-939511-00-7 | Poetry book with author reading | 132 pages

Statement poetry is sublime nonsense. Because it does not fit into the communal (community-building) communication of the a priori so iss. / Sarrichdoch !. In other words: in it, just as the poet mediates himself through language, language mediates itself through the poet. Both gain certainty in each other. Or lose them mess. The extent of the poetic possibilities is staggering. They put the poet in a position to roam the language jungles and deserts from the fringes in a predatory manner. Are these margins where the coherence of the linguistic sign is not guaranteed, in the prelinguistic articulations, the semantic interferences, the linguistic-historical sediments? they are everywhere where the crude magic of an indefinite all-sense reigns. The center of language is where discourse and consensus coincide, where the gentle terror of all-determining nonsense reigns, where the black hole of communication devours every articulation. In this impassable terrain, the poet lies in wait to poach in language, driven by the urge to transform everything that is on the way between the edges and the center, the material of poetry. In other words: Before the leap into the language is the wait, before the origin of the poetry is the pun. So: poetry is a strange game. So rather a lot of nonsense. Ferdinand Scholz Born in Düsseldorf in 1952. Previous individual publications: People on the Abyss. Medical thriller (satirical short novel with own illustrations), Gießen 1984, (Anabas), It is always home. Inevitable !, radio play 1991 (WDR). Important poems, Düsseldorf 1997 (Grupello), with illustrations by Misch Da Leiden.

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