Nietzsche. Understand

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An audio book by Axel Grube
Playing time: 86 min.
Speaker: Axel Grube
Audio samples

 Audio sample: 01 - Understanding Nietzsche
 Audio sample: 02 - Nothing is true?
 Audio sample: 03 - Why truth at all
 Audio sample: 04 - Aus - Beyond good and evil
 Audio sample: 05 - That God is dead?

Understand Nietzsche? - With an audio book of 90 minutes? ... Certainly, in the short time that will be available, a lot will be disregarded. In a most accessible way, however, Axel Grube is able to make the basic motifs and thought movements of the exceptional philosopher, the taste and musicality of Nietzschean thought tangible. To bring to the ear what is intellectually demanding means (Axel Grube) to make it audible to today's people - and to present their own ideological judgment. (Gabriela Schaaf - Deutsche Welle)

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