Meister Eckhart - tracts and sermons

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Text selection and commentary by Marco A. Sorace
Speaker - Axel Grube
Playing time 68 min.

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'People often say to me,' Ask God for me! ' Then I think: why are you going out? Why don't you stay with yourself and seize your own good. You carry all truth essentially within you! ' (Meister Eckhart, Pred. 5a: In hoc apparuit caritas dei in nobis, DW I, pp. 75-82, 82) 'Religions, and especially Christianity, have often been accused of obstructing this world by inventing a world beyond would. If this accusation was ever correct: For Eckhart - and also for the great thinkers, in whose ranks he sees himself - it does not apply. Eckhart [...] teaches not to deny this world, but to perceive it so thoroughly that it reveals the existence of a reason in which people encounter themselves and all other people and things in a completely new way. ' (Reiner Manstetten, Meister-Eckhart-Jahrbuch I - 2007, p. 144)

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