Meister Eckhart - consolation book / From noble people

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With short introductions by Marco A. Sorace and Dietmar Mieth
Read by Axel Grube
Playing time: 70 min.
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 Audio sample: 03 First you have to know
 Audio sample: 04 Saint Paul
 Audio sample: 05 Saint Augustine
 Audio sample: 06 You should also know
 Audio sample: 07 Now you can see

A selection of texts with short introductions by Marco A. Sorace and Dietmar Mieth / read by Axel Grube 'If you want to have full joy and consolation and find in God, see that you are free from all creatures, all consolation from creatures; for surely, as long as the creature comforts you and is able to comfort you, you will never find real comfort. But if nothing can comfort you but God, verily, then God comforts you and with him and in him everything that is bliss. If what is not God comfort you, you will not have comfort here or there. On the other hand, if the creature does not comfort you and you do not like it, you will find comfort both here and there. ' (Meister Eckhart, Trostbuch, DW V, p. 29f.) 'May the loving, merciful God, the truth (himself), give me and all those who will read this book that we find the truth in us and become aware of it. Amen.' (Meister Eckhart, Trostbuch, DW V, p. 61)

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