Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm - CD 5

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6 fairy tales with short musical introductions. From someone who set out to learn to fear, The wolf and the seven little hostages, Häsichenbraut, King Droßelbart, the shepherd boy, Hans my hedgehog, the elves.
Playing time 72 min.
Speaker - Axel Grube
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Grimm's literarization, the writing and shaping of folk tales is the climax in its deep, personal empathy with the meaning and content of the imagery, but at the same time also the end and end of a millennia-old culture of oral tradition, the 'oral tradition', the 'aural tradition 'One and a half centuries after the expressions of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, it may now be time - after the many transfers of the visual language onto the effective picture surface - to take up the basic features of the aural tradition and to rediscover the audiobooks and thus the old stories to bring it back into a circle of living memory.

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