Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm - CD 4

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6 fairy tales with short musical preludes. Cinderella, the girl without hands, the godfather, the drummer, King Droßelbart, Mrs. Trude.
Playing time: 79 min.
Speaker - Axel Grube
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On a dangerous hike, the ability to win love, a love that feels sensuality and faith as inseparable, this theme - the dream of Hieros Gamos, symbolized in the wedding, is varied again and again in the fairy tales with their intuitively experienced imagery. In this respect, these stories celebrate a courage, an openness and honesty that is diametrically opposed to the spirit of the Augustinian-Christian teaching in its lack of trust in people. This 'anarchic' belief, which has always remained alive in the cultural background of folk literature, can essentially explain the unbroken fascination for these stories.

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