Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm CD 1

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5 fairy tales with short musical introductions.
The frog prince, Snow White, the devil with the 3 golden hairs, the three feathers, Frau Holle.
1 CD-A, playing time: 60 min.
Speaker: Axel Grube

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»Fairy tales are more like stories for adults than for children. What they have to say comes for the most part from a world of images and wisdom that one already encounters in the myths of antiquity and in the stories of indigenous peoples. (.) But although originally addressed to adults, the fairy tales, these remnants from the childhood of mankind, are peculiarly related to the understanding of children. Their language is the language of dreams, their symbolism is based on the archetypal world of images of the unconscious, and so a kind of childlike night-time dreaming, a new immediacy of empathy and experience is required in order to understand fairy tales as an adult. " Eugen Drewermann

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