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Current vinyl album by keit - a never

After the CD bidimetoloves from 1996 and various subsequent limited CD and streaming releases, the vinyl album will be released in summer 2020 a never. Again “very fine, dense, filigree, present - cellar, knotty, regressive, stubborn, stubborn, sysiphic and secretive” (Joachim Rüsenberg, author, musician) and yet also satyrically liberating: the unmistakable sound (beyond conventional genre assignments) by the Düsseldorf duo Klepsch and Grube; but this time more song-oriented, more consistent in the arrangements. The language, the singing ... to some extent gropes its way to the Dionysian origins of phonetic expression - to an onomatopoeic poetry, to something that cannot be known, but which can be experienced by everyone. Each record comes with a lyrics booklet in DIN A 5 format.

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