Reiner Stach - Kafka's games

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A short narrated cruise through Kafka's estate.
Lecture by Rainer Stach.
Kafka stories read by Axel Grube.
Playing time: 78 min.
Audio samples

 Audio sample: 1 - Introduction, Reiner Stach
 Audio sample: 2 - The Clash of Hands (Kafka)

Franz Kafka is enthroned at the head of our literary canon. But knowledge of his work is usually based on only a small selection, and even literary connoisseurs are mainly concerned with nightmares when they think of Kafka. A completely different, more colorful picture appears if one includes the numerous literary fragments, Kafka's diaries and letters - his linguistic productivity has developed in all these genres, and only in the overall picture do many cheerful, comical, grotesque facets become visible with its dark nimbus are actually considered incompatible. There is a Kafka to discover who obviously enjoys playing with forms, ideas and punch lines. Axel Grube reads Kafka's original texts; Reiner Stach's introduction and comments were recorded on April 29, 2011 at a public event in the Folkwang Museum in Essen.

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