Jürgen Born - Kafka's library

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A descriptive directory. With an index of all books, magazines and magazine articles mentioned in Kafka's writings. Softcover 200 pages

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Grillparzer, Dostojewski, Kleist, Flaubert - writers who Kafka considered to be his “real blood relatives”. What attracted and interested Kafka were in particular biographies, autobiographies and diaries: testimonies at the interface between artist and person, work and life. But Kafka's readings and reading recommendations to friends and relatives encompass much more. What Kafka read and how he read, with which authors, texts and topics the writer was familiar, which books he probably put down quickly, in which books he made which notes - Jürgen Born's descriptive directory illuminates Kafka's readings in detail and gives so an understanding of the world of ideas from which one of the greatest, if not the greatest writers of the twentieth century may have drawn.

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