Franz Kafka - short stories

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With the stories: Desire to become an Indian, The rejection, The passenger, Unhappiness, The alley window, The bachelor's misfortune, The sudden walk, Resolutions, Before the law, A dream, On the gallery, The silence of the sirens, A hunger artist , From the parables.
Playing time: 77 min.
Speaker: Axel Grube
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According to Thomas Mann, Kafka's poems are 'often conceived and designed entirely in the character of a dream; they imitate the alogical and apprehensive foolishness of dreams, these strange shadow games of life 'exactly to laugh' and require both deep empathy and personal restraint in the verbal repetition. What Albert Camus describes: that the listener is 'pushed to the limits of human thought' becomes possible only in the verbal empathy of this specific method for Kafka. 'Special method of thinking. Emotionally permeated. Everything feels like a thought, even in the most indeterminate. ' (Dostoyevsky: Diaries) 'The monstrous world that I have in my head. But how to free me and free them without tearing. And tear a thousand times rather than hold it back in me or bury it. That's what I'm here for, that's very clear to me. ' (Franz Kafka: Diaries)

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