Jewish fairy tales

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With the fairy tales: The three brothers, On the sea island, Little Moses, The fox in the vineyard, The creation of Adam, The child in the womb, The discontented earth, The wise girl with the animal face, The candy apples (Dudaim), Adam's dress, The resourceful donkey, The fox and the fish

1 CD A

Playing time: 74 min.
Speaker: Axel Grube

Audio samples

 Audio sample: The three brothers
 Audio sample: On the sea island
 Audio sample: Little Moses
 Audio sample: The wise girl with the animal face
 Audio sample: The resourceful donkey

The Jewish fairy tale world is immeasurably rich and varied. It borrows numerous from the Old Testament, the narratives of the Hasidim, the Talmud and the Yiddish tradition - and thus gains a very special, unmistakable character.

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