Indian fairy tales

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With the fairy tales: Why the buffalo has a hump, How fire came to earth, The white stone canoe, Opitschi, Onawutakuto, Wihio loses his hair, The Heavenly Woman, The Maize Mother, Matschi Manitou, Heno the Thunderer, Cosmogony of the Creeks, Chief Eschkwägonäbei once told ..., The seven stars, memoirs of the Tschigeunegon prophet Odschi Wein Akwot Okwä, Lilina

1 CD A
Playing time: 79 minutes
Speaker: Axel Grube

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In the fairy tales and myths of the North American Indians, the life of a very special, fascinating culture is reflected. An awesome closeness to nature, the basic feeling of an equal soulfulness of all living beings and a great closeness to the dream worlds characterize the Indian tales. They thus give us the moving picture of a world that has almost disappeared.

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