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Poetry book with author reading on CD-A
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ISBN 978-3-939511-04-5 | Poetry book with author reading on CD-A

Actually, 'concrete poetry' as a terminus technicus is misleading. Especially in view of the poems by Ralf Thenior. The designation fits them far better than the acoustic-visual language reductions that are usually meant by it. Thenior's poetry is more justly concrete. Specifically, down to the last iota, down to the tiniest putty on the i. His words have a weight that can be expressed in kilograms. His words have a smell peculiar to only bodily things. His words have a feel, are grooved, napped, ribbed. And then - specifically up to abstraction, yes, up to abstraction! From a certain degree of reality things become real: they break, tip over in a dizzying 'fall upwards' and then buzz through the cosmic Nitschewo as particles of meaning, feeling and thought. Because what is scolded by metaphor is too much, not too little of reality. Has molecules, has cells, has fibers - all of them are erectile tissue for pleasure and pain. (Alexander Nitzberg)

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