Heinrich Heine. A philosophical-religious portrait

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An audio book by Axel Grube
Playing time: 79 min.
Speaker - Axel Grube
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Heine's philosophical thinking, the thinking of a truly 'free spirit' and his disrespectful poetic religiosity are to be particularly emphasized in this audio book, in close conjunction with the image of his personality. 'After studying Kant's main work several times, I believe that I recognize that the polemics against the existing evidence for the existence of God is everywhere, and I would discuss it more extensively if a religious feeling did not prevent me from doing it. The very fact that I see someone discussing the existence of God arouses in me such a strange fear, such an uncanny anxiety as I once felt at New Bedlam in London when, surrounded by maddened people, I lost sight of my guide. 'God is all that is there', and doubt about him is doubt about life itself, it is death. " (Heinrich Heine: History of Religion and Philosophy) 'Heinrich Heine gave me the highest concept of the poet. I look for free in all the realms of the millennia for an equally sweet and passionate music. He possessed that divine malice, without which I cannot imagine the perfect - I estimate the worth of people, of races, according to how necessary they do not know how to understand God separately from the satyr. ' (Friedrich Nietzsche: Ecce Homo)

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