Hans Christian Andersen: The most beautiful fairy tales

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With the fairy tales: 1 - The emperor's new clothes, The little girl with the sulfur sticks, The ugly young duckling, The nightingale, The princess and the pea, Thumbelina, The Christmas tree, The story of a mother, The swineherd, The little mermaid

Speaker - Axel Grube
Playing time: 231 min.


Audio samples

 Audio sample: The emperor's new clothes
 Audio sample: The little girl with the sulfur woods
 Audio sample: The ugly young duckling
 Audio sample: The nightingale

The fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875) are part of the timeless treasure of world literature. They are written for children who, according to Andersen, can nonetheless look over their shoulders. With the reading by Axel Grube, the special magic of the stories in their vicinity as well as (mysterious) profundity become an immediate experience.

"Anyone who lets the fairy tales of Grube tell them with children makes the observation that they are just as entranced as the adult fairy tale listeners." (Monika Klutzny / Die Welt)

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