Hannah Arendt. A fragmentary portrait of the work

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'Evil is always extreme, but never radical, it has no depth, nor does it have any demons. It can devastate the whole world precisely because it grows like a fungus on the surface. But only the good is deep and radical. ' (Hannah Arendt in a letter to Gershom Sholem) This sentence, which is certainly of far-reaching significance when dealing with the question of the nature of evil, also characterizes the author's personal periphery and liberation; it stands for Arendt's reflection on the sources of her basic trust and the development of a philosophical belief. 'I have changed my mind', she had put in front of the sentence; she had freed herself from the concept - or rather, from the feeling of 'radically evil' - which was decisive in her main work 'Elements and Origins of Total Domination'. Even what, as she kept saying, "should never have happened," she saw as the fruit of a deeply mistaken life. What she showed in the later philosophical texts 'Vita activa' and 'Vom Leben des Geistes' is the development of an honest self, alternating between self-understanding, unreserved conversation and a rich culture of narration and remembrance in the free and political forms of the public they - forever exemplary - lived. So she finally found her way back to her beginnings: to the passion of a free thinker and devout philosopher.

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