Felix Weltsch - Grace and Freedom / Investigations into the problem of the creative will

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ISBN 978-3-939511-95-3, with an afterword by Hans Gerd Koch, 206 pages

"As a devotional book - and that's much more than I thought - it means a lot to me and will mean a lot to me," Franz Kafka wrote to his friend Felix Weltsch, who had given him the script for grace and freedom at the end of 1919 for correction. Kafka's corrections and suggestions for improvement - which are also printed in the present edition - show "how intensively he dealt with his friend's book, but also how influential the exchange of ideas within the circle of friends was. Kafka was not only one of the first readers of Grace and Freedom, with his annotations he also proves to be a meticulous and knowledgeable editor. So it is not surprising that Felix Weltsch followed him in most cases, not only taking over his corrections, but also taking up his suggestions and revising entire passages, as a comparison with the final printed version shows." Hans-Gerd Koch in the afterword Felix Weltsch "formed in strict chains of thought what moved us in our waking dreams who are drunk with images (.) He succeeded in giving the best summary of the number one problem, freedom, in his beautiful book Grace and Freedom, which Kafka read again and again and rightly considered a book of edification ' mentioned.” Max Brod: The Prague Circle

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