Grube, Axel: Giordano Bruno

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Life path and intellectual-historical relationships of his thinking.
Compiled, commented on and read by Axel Grube.
Playing time 190 min.
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In addition to excerpts from the writings of the great Nolan and the representation of some scenes and his unsteady life up to the murder of Philotheus by the church-Christian Inquisition, this audio book also suggests Bruno’s thinking as an indelible link in a broad history of ideas, as part of one 'World' spirit, in whose deep basic trust in human intuition God and self-knowledge are experienced in unreserved affirmation of life as an inseparable unit. 'You are a fragment of God. You have a part of God in you (.) You carry God with you everywhere, wretched one, and you do not know it. Do you think I am talking about an external god made of silver or gold? You have it inside you and don't notice it. (.) But me, what do I want? Learn to understand nature and follow it. It is a command of life to act in harmony with nature. ' (Epiktet: Dissertationes) 'We do not need to look for the deity in the distance; because it is close to us and even deeper within us than we are. ' (Giordano Bruno: The Ash Wednesday Supper)

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