Gustav Janouch - Conversations with Kafka

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Softcover, 126 pages, with full-text audio reading by Axel Grube for download
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ISBN 978-3-939511-22-9, softcover, 126 pages, with audio full-text reading by Axel Grube for download

»Janouch was the son of one of Kafka's colleagues in the workers' insurance institution, who once brought his son to see Kafka because he was writing poetry. Kafka received the young man with great kindness; he often met him and talked to him about the most varied literary subjects. A quarter of a century later, Janouch has written a memoir based on the notes he made about these conversations. He sent the manuscript to Max Brod, who - based on the content and form of the conversations - declared it to be authentic. There is no question that the published conversations are based on conversations that actually took place, even if their formulation was probably given a somewhat more decisive form in subsequent stylization than Kafka may have originally given it. Nevertheless, Janouch's book is to be regarded as a valuable biographical source.« (Felix Weltsch)

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