Benedikt Ledebur - genesis

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Poetry book with author reading on CD-A | 196 pages
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ISBN 978-3-939511-05-2 | Poetry book with author reading on CD-A | 196 pages

Since the extinction of the pre-Socratic dinosaurs, philosophy and poetry have been stored in two different layers of the earth. Shoveling them together turns out to be a risky undertaking - mostly to the detriment of poetry: the overly bright light of abstraction threatens to completely dissolve the already fossil remains. The present genesis is more of a summa poeticae. Benedikt Ledebur is a scholastic poet. Someone who is well acquainted with the substance and the accident, who is not afraid of the syllogism and whose sentences have downright evidential value. Yet his verses never make one forget what dialectic is essentially: namely, a free art. That is why these abstractions do not decompose, rather they let things flicker in a colored, yes, serene light. Which reminds us that the black Gothic cathedrals once shimmered in the spectrum of rose windows and their geometry (another ars liberalis!) Did not hide the senses, but sharpened and inspired them. (Alexander Nitzberg)

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