Friedrich Holderlin. A biographical monograph

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An audio book by Axel Grube. Excerpts from letters, notes and the work. A selection of texts with sound-musical sequences, compiled and commented on by Axel Grube.
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Playing time: 74 min.
Speaker - Axel Grube
Intermediate music: keit, Detlef Klepsch and Axel Grube
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“The more confident a person is in himself and the more concentrated he is in his best life and the easier he can swing back from subordinate moods to the real, the brighter and more comprehensive his eye must be, and he will have a heart for everything The world is light and heavy and big and dear to him, «wrote Holderlin in a letter to his friend Landauer; and in Hyperion it says: "What is alive is indestructible, remains free in its deepest servant form, remains one and if you divorce it to the core, remains unwounded and if you smash it to the core and its essence escapes from you victoriously under your hands."
Holderlin was never crazy. This audio book is an attempt to show Holderlin as one of the few, so to speak, 'open sources' of an otherwise subterranean meandering, but not to be suppressed stream of an ambitious human spirit. As a consequence of having to live and sing about an actual affirmation of life, the acceptance of suffering and the belief in the divine and loving basic mood of the human soul, Holderlin had to be declared crazy by his fellow men, especially his mother. He accepted the offer. “What is all that men have done and thought in the millennia, against a moment of love? This is where all the degrees on the threshold of life lead. Hence we come, hence we go. «(Friedrich Hölderlin)

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