Friedrich Hölderlin - poetry and prose

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Compiled and read by Axel Grube
Playing time: 129 min.
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In an earlier foreword to 'Hyperion', Holderlin says: 'The eccentric path that humans, in general and individually, traverses from one point (more or less pure simplicity) to another (more or less pure education) appears to be to always be the same according to their essential directions. The resolution of the dissonances in a certain character is neither for mere reflection nor for empty pleasure. ' In the alternation and in the references between poetry and prose, a character of thought becomes clear that - more personal than the 'coarse world spirit' of the friend Hegel and warmer than the egological self of Fichte - anticipates a relationship with the devout existentialism of Kierkegaard. There is something here that is still in the future, something unused. 'The great word, the en diaferon eautw [the one in itself differentiated] of Heraclitus, that (.) Is the essence of beauty, and before that was found there was no philosophy. Now you could determine, the whole thing was there. ' (Friedrich Hölderlin: Hyperion)

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