Max Brod - Franz Kafka as a pioneering figure

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 Audio sample: After the death of my friend, when I...
 Audio sample: I would like to have this uncertainty...
 Audio sample: So much for Kafka's starting point...

One felt good in his presence. (Max Brod in memory of Franz Kafka) One cannot be too surprised: Why were the writings of the closest friends, who from the very beginning engaged in intensive discussions with Kafka about fundamental questions, so unnoticed, almost repressed. Simply by describing his personal experience, Kafka appears in a completely different light: he exuded such infinite security that I never felt from anyone else in my later life. (...) You can express it in a single sentence: It made you feel good in his presence. (...) Franz Kafka is world famous. But precisely what is groundbreaking and comforting that lies in his work has remained almost unknown and had no effect amidst the noise and conceptual dance that is performed around this work. (Max Brod)

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