enis vardar - Sketchbook of a Drunken Soul

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ketchbook of a drunken soul / musical sketches, 2008 to 2017 

Fleetingly, spontaneously, put onto electronic music paper with a light hand. The trigger can be a melody, a rhythm, just a feeling or mood of the day. They form the basis of the recordings. Mistakes are not corrected because there are no mistakes in a sketchbook. Any form and harmony are canceled. The time signature changes from 4/4 to 7/8 to 9/8 every now and then. This often leads to a feeling of the unexpected, of the not yet heard. The sketches, as serious as they sound, contain a sense of humor that does not care about oneself. A positive incidence sets in. I am particularly interested in the imperfect, the unpredictable in it. What sounds chaotic at first, becomes more and more apparent when you listen to it several times. There are no vocals, choirs or wind instruments, but they are present in the melody. So that the listeners who follow the guitar melody or the chords are invited to sing along.

Melody sequences repeat themselves after several variations in a long arc. The simultaneity of different melodies and rhythms, sometimes even seeming cacophonic, create a feeling that we often perceive in our reality.

The titles name the day of their creation, even if further sketching was carried out on the following days. All instruments are played in by themselves, unless the name of an additional musician appears in the title.

Enis Vardar

4 CD A

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