Franz Josef Czernin - Magpies. Versions.

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In fact, it is almost superfluous to add versions to the magpies in the title. Because the English else can hardly be overheard in the magpies. But there are verses in the versions. Perhaps that is why Franz Josef Czernin decided to do it. Magpies have a long tradition in German-language poetry. Wolfram von Eschenbach already spoke of them to indicate the shimmering colors and properties. And this is the core of Czernin's alchemy: Whether his own poems or those of others, he repeatedly dissolves them in the spiritual primordial substance and pours them over? from retort to retort. Original? Translation? The question loses its meaning. At most it turns out to be a legal quibble, not a problem of art. Czernin's magpies do not adorn themselves with strange feathers. What is foreign and own is always included in them. Certain sonnets have other transcriptions by Hanno Helbling or August Wilhelm Schlegel added to them? as possible intermediate stations in this unstoppable and all-inclusive process of formation and transformation, which the poet himself stubbornly describes as a 'surge'. A risky but apt word: in it, language ceases to be that means of communication that is not at the same time a substance with the prospect of becoming a force of nature. Franz Josef Czernin Born on January 7, 1952 in Vienna. 1971-73 studies in the USA. 1972 start of literary activity, since 1978 literary publications in magazines and in Heimrad Bäcker's Linz 'edition neue texte'. 1988 Lecturer at Indiana University, USA. Since 1989 development of the computer program POE, software for the analysis and generation of poetic texts. 1993/94 Graz town clerk. Lives in Rettenegg in Styria.

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