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Introduction and remarks by Manfred Hess.

Intermedial radio play for audio, video and web using Walter Benjamin's text “About the Concept of History” (1940). Work for audio, video and web. Production: Südwestrundfunk / Radio Play 2014 Dramaturgy / Editing: Manfred Hess. Double audio CD and DVD video

Limited, numbered edition of 100 pieces.

While fleeing from the Nazis in the direction of Portugal, many migrants passed an escape route across the foothills of the Pyrenees from the French village of Banyuls-sur-Mer to the Spanish border town of Portbou. The last stage of his escape from the National Socialists also led Walter Benjamin via this route. When he reached Portbou, where the Spanish authorities refused to allow him to continue his journey, Walter Benjamin committed suicide on the night of September 26-27, 1940. Christoph Korn went the escape route over the Pyrenees again. The author spoke over the entire duration of the approx. 12-hour walk, organized at regular intervals over a temporal structure, the 20 “historical-philosophical theses” from Benjamin's late text work “On the Concept of History”. In addition to the resulting audio images, Christoph Korn continued to produce numerous video views. These, however, not - like the audio images - in the movement process, but as static camera settings each “backwards”, on the path that has already been taken. The direction of view of the camera or the viewer thus corresponds to that of the “angel of history” described by Walter Benjamin, who has turned his face to the past ... (historical-philosophical thesis IX). The film recordings formed the basis for the development of a complete 55-minute cinematic work. This film work is attached to the CD / DVD release by Onomato Verlag as a DVD video.

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