Karl Jaspers - Introduction to Philosophy. Twelve radio lectures.

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Presented by Karl Jaspers
Playing time 295 min.
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Hans Saner describes how a problem became increasingly important for Jaspers in the form of the statement: 'It must be possible to bring the substance of philosophy, once it has been worked out, into a simple sequence of reflections and language, so that philosophy without loss of substance after one elitist can also become general thinking. The introduction to philosophy (1950) was the first and happiest attempt in it (…) 'The twelve radio lectures: 1. What is philosophy? 2. Origins of philosophy 3. The encompassing 4. The idea of ​​God 5. The unconditional requirement 6. Man 7. The world 8. Faith and enlightenment 9. The history of mankind 10. The independence of philosophizing people 11. Philosophical lifestyle 12. History of philosophy

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