Franz Kafka - A country doctor and other stories

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A country doctor - and other stories
Full text reading by Axel Grube.
1 CD-A in a handmade jewelry box
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'Kafka created a new reality in his works, a new atmosphere of his own, purer, colder, stricter than ours, and yet only an image and expression of our reality (...) This new world is not easily accessible to everyone. To the outsider it often gives the impression of being strange, even pointless. And yet there is a bridge, an access that is open to everyone: it is the form, more precisely the rhythm and music of its language, the unspeakably beautiful miracle structure of its periods, which pulls the reader, or rather the listener, under its spell - and with overwhelming power when Kafka himself read to us (...) His language is pure and consistent; his style is rhythm and melody. And this wonderful marriage of logic and music creates the magic of his language. ' (Felix Weltsch: Franz Kafka died. Obituary by Felix Weltsch)

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