Friedrich Nietzsche - Ecce homo. How to become what you are.

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Full text reading by Axel Grube.
Playing time 279 min.

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What care do self-apotheosis and some mistakes that are perhaps not so clear as such !? - You need a good sense of humor for this book - and a keen interest in the self-biographical, self-referential late work of Friedrich Nietzsche, whose style, esprit and elegance will probably remain the benchmark for German-language literature for some time to come. One thing is certain: This first full-text audio book edition by onomato Verlag “promotes understanding of Nietzsche's literary mastery. To do this, Grube opens the senses'. (Martin Maria Schwarz) “Emancipation of woman” - that is the instinctive hatred of the unsuccessful woman, that is, the unfit woman against the well-turned out woman - the fight against the “man” is always only a means, pretext, tactic. By raising themselves up as 'woman in herself', as a higher woman, as 'idealist' of woman, they want to bring down the general level of woman's rank; (.) Basically, the emancipated are the anarchists in the world of the 'eternally feminine', those who have gone badly, whose lowest instinct is revenge. '(Friedrich Nietzsche: Ecce Homo)

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