Grube, Axel: Friedrich Nietzsche - "Ecce homo"

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A selection of texts by Axel Grube.
Playing time: 65 min.
Speaker: Axel Grube

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Excerpts from letters, notes and the work: 'The Genealogy of Morals', 'Ecce Homo' and 'The Antichrist'.

This audio book attempts to present Nietzsche's thought poetry in close connection with his life, his person. The title of the audio book should therefore be taken literally. Nietzsche is focused (ecce) as a person (homo), as a poet-philosopher-person who is inextricably linked with her work. In addition to excerpts from the 'Ecce homo', sequences from the 'Antichrist', the 'Genealogy of Morals', but also from letters, notes and autobiographical records can be heard. They show that a strict dualism of life and work is not tenable. ' we are spoiled for life, for right and simple seeing and hearing, for the happy grasping of the neighbor and the natural and so far we have not even the foundation of a culture because we ourselves are not convinced that we have a true life in us. Crumbled and fallen apart, as a whole semi-mechanically divided into an outer and an inner, littered with concepts as if with dragon teeth, generating conceptual dragons, in addition suffering from the disease of words and without trust in one's own sensation, which has not yet been stamped with words: as one Such an inanimate and yet incredibly lively factory of concepts and words I may still have the right to say of myself cogiti, ergo sum, but not vivo, ergo cogito. The empty 'being', not the full and green 'life' is guaranteed to me. ' (Friedrich Nietzsche: The benefits and disadvantages of history for life)

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