Kathi Diamant: Dora Diamant - Kafka's Last Love (Audiobook)

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Audiobook full text reading, 3 MP3-CD, speaker - Axel Grube

Perhaps the most significant recent love story lasted only eleven months. Dora Diamant, the long-time stranger at Kafka's side, had a rare breadth of mind. As a rebel in her Eastern Jewish-Orthodox environment - she fled from her strict father into the promise of the "enlightened" West - she kept and always cultivated the deep humanitarian taste of religious musicality: the feeling of inviolable responsibility and the striving for the identity of the sacred and the everyday . As a witness at the same time for Kafka's ›mandate‹ but also in advocating a Yiddish culture, which she regarded as the source of this deep humane integrity, Dora's life and meaning go far beyond the short period of coexistence with Kafka. '[The] border zone between tradition and modernity, Franz Kafka and Dora entered Diamant from opposite sides, and almost at the same time. (...) When he got to know Dora Diamant, he immediately understood that she embodied a kind of coexistence of Eastern and Western ways of life, which he could well imagine as a solution, even though it was neither in her nor in his life plan: an accomplice . ' (From the foreword by Reiner Stach)

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