The Stoa (an audio book by Axel Grube)

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Stoic thinking as a general human intuition.
Texts from the Stoa, compiled, commented on and read by Axel Grube.
Playing time 78 min.
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Audio samples

 Audio sample: 1 - Seneca, from the consolation for his mother Helvia _ Friedrich Hölderlin
 Audio sample: 02 Zenon from Kition - from_ _Life and teaching of the philosophers_
 Audio sample: 03 Commentary - For the introduction
 Audio sample: 04 Commentary - The stoic natural philosopher
 Audio sample: 04 Commentary - The stoic natural philosophy

Not only the Greek Stoa, but also some lines and memories of Stoic thinking are to be addressed and presented with this audio book. The leitmotif is the stoic manner, whose freedom consists in determining one's own attitude towards the events instead of wanting to change them oneself. It is precisely in the affirmation of fatigue or remote-determined-it-must that he gets rid of the compulsive character and gains an inner attitude that can be described as free. Freedom thus becomes a subjective disposition, not an objective fact, bestowed by law or some other external authority. 'What is alive is indestructible, remains free in its deepest servant form, remains one and if you divorce it to the bottom, remains unwounded and if you break it to the core and its essence flies from you victoriously under your hands. ' (Friedrich Hölderlin) 'Neither the sharpness of Aristotle nor the abundance of Plato was fruitful for me in the least. On the other hand, I had already developed a certain inclination towards the Stoics, and now I managed to bring about the Epictetus, which I studied with great interest. ' (Goethe: Poetry and Truth)

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