Heinriche Heine - The romantic school

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Full text reading by Axel Grube.
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To this day, Heine triggers aversions and discomfort in not a few. "Writing about Heine in Germany is still a tricky thing," said Marcel Reich Ranicki. The reason for this negative attitude, however, is a mix-up or incorrect synonymization. So one sees in Heine's unconditionally free view, his passion for truthfulness, his cynicism, for whom nothing is supposedly sacred, a lack of religiosity or, in his biting criticism of the fleeting, beyond-oriented fantasy worlds of German romanticism, a rejection of this par excellence. But this interpretation turns out to be too one-sided, because at least Heine was ambivalent: in Zuckmayer's words, he behaved towards God like a 'most devout doubter' and towards German Romanticism like a fleeing and seeker at the same time. 'After I taught the most deadly blows to the sense of romantic poetry in Germany, I felt an infinite longing for the blue flower in the dreamland of romanticism.' (Heinrich Heine: Confessions)

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