Friedrich Nietzsche - Philosophy in the tragic age of the Greeks

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Full text reading by Axel Grube
Playing time: 3 hours 49 min.

The writing from Nietzsche's estate testifies to the young philologist's inclination towards philosophy. As part of a comprehensive book by the ancient scholar on ancient Greece, however, it remained a fragment. Initially created from notes on lectures and as the fruit of the young Basel professor's preoccupation with the Platonic dialogues and the pre-Platonic "philosophers' heads", it became a subsidiary piece of the "Birth of Tragedy" in the course of the reverence to Richard Wagner, but at the same time bore the Seed for distancing yourself from the Wagner circle. Nietzsche himself emphasizes that he does not present an exhaustive breviary on the pre-Socratics. With perhaps the most important ability, however, a thoughtful empathy, he brings the strange figures and speculations of the pre-Socratics into a captivating personal proximity. In his musicality of an up-to-date interpretation of thought motives and intuitions, he gives important, even for all contemporary thinking, for our existence, supporting indications.

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