Heinrich von Kleist - The Marquise of O ...

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Full text reading by Axel Grube
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When Kleist first published the 'Marquise von O ...' in 1808 in the journal 'Phöbus' edited by him and Adam Müller, there was great excitement, as there were all sorts of objectionable things in this story that evoked good taste and a bourgeois-religious feeling seemed to offend. And in 1812 the Viennese censorship authorities actually got a ban on Kleist's stories, which appeared in book form in 1810, arguing that they contained too many 'immoral passages'. From today's perspective, such moral concerns seem exaggerated, if not annoying, because they obscure what characterizes Kleist's works today and then and makes them something special: the thematization of such existential basic questions as how to deal with guilt or Shame, after repression and self-deception, after self-empowerment, emancipation and forgiveness.

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