Sebastian Knöpker - The art of whispering with the desert fathers

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The desert fathers are called the first Christian monks who lived in the deserts of Egypt and present-day Syria in the 3rd and 4th centuries. Anthony the Great († 356), Evagrios Pontikos (345-399), Johannes Cassianus (360-435) and many others tried out new ways of life there, depending on their personality, by combining a deep Christian faith with practical psychology. Whispering describes the silent self-talk in people that forms as a carpet of sudden ideas, worries, memories, fears and small stories on the edge. Each thought is irrelevant in itself, but when one voice passes, the next follows immediately, so that the whispering itself never stops. The art of whispering with the desert fathers is to thoroughly renovate self-talk in such a way as to maintain a tidy soliloquium. It is about an art of easing the daily flow of thoughts, wishes and ideas around the teeming and deceptive elements and thus ensuring a good measure of sovereignty and spiritual freshness in thinking.

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